Having been in business for 20 years in the ancestral type roofing sector, Gestion S. Plourdes INC offers high quality products that combine esthetics and durability.

Whether at the residential or commercial level, we have developed, throughout the years, an expertise in ancestral type roofing as well as in the installation of decorative ornaments. Being mindful of the richness of our heritage, we work with the goal to preserve the hallmark of your house or ancient building.

We also specialize in the art of bringing out a unique elegant touch to your more modern construction.

Our team comprised of highly qualified tinsmiths holds the necessary experience in order to guide you through your project. We work meticulously and neatly respecting the premises of your property as well as the rules of craftsmanship in our trade.

Rely on the expertise of Gestion S. Plourde INC.